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For almost 20 years, Tom Erb has specialized in talent solutions for companies spanning a wide array of industries, sizes and types. As an executive for two of the largest staffing and recruiting companies in the nation, Tom has excelled in a variety of roles from recruiter to on-site, sales rep to sales director, and ultimately as regional vice president.

As a subject matter expert on talent strategy and solutions, Tom has been interviewed by local and national media including the Wall Street Journal,,, Columbus CEO, WBNS TV, Cincinnati Business Courier, and others.

He is past president of both the Ohio Staffing and Search Association and the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio. Tom has a bachelor and a master of business administration from West Virginia University, has been certified as a Strategic Professional of Human Resources for over 10 years, and is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP).

Tom’s approach to speaking is simple yet effective – present valuable content in a conversational and humorous style that can be immediately and easily put into practice by attendees.

He has presented to a variety of organizations such as the American Staffing Association, National Association of Personnel Services, TechServe Alliance, Capital Area Staffing Association, Ohio Staffing and Search Association, Ohio HR Conference, HR Summit, and several SHRM chapters including Pittsburgh, Columbus (OH), and Toledo.


Keynote and Workshop Topics Include:

High-Yield Time Management for Staffing Sales Professionals

There never seems to be enough time when you are a sales professional. There’s always another call that can be made, another hot prospect to follow up with, proposals to create, and more networking events to attend. Yet the biggest difference between an average sales rep and an outstanding one is the ability to effectively manage their time. In this session, we explore some simple yet effective ways for you to get more out of your day and ultimately close more deals. You will learn:

  • How top performers schedule their day
  • 7 simple ways to master your time and increase your productivity
  • Free and inexpensive tools that help you automate repeat activities
  • How to identify “high-yield” sales activities and eliminate ineffective ones

This session is full of simple, practical methods for getting the most out of your time and substantially increasing your sales. You will leave this presentation with a variety of techniques you can immediately implement in your daily routine and see significant results.

Presented at: TechServe Alliance 2011 National Conference


Session Title: Negotiating Strategies for Staffing Professionals

Are you tired of always competing on price? Do your existing clients continue to pressure you to drop your “markup?” There are ways to negotiate both new and existing business without giving it away. In this session, Tom Erb and participants discuss the common pitfalls of negotiating in the staffing industry, how to position a company and its services before negotiating, and help identify points of negotiation other than price. Industry case studies will include negotiation success stories and how to create a successful outcome for both parties.

Presented at: American Staffing Association 2011 Staffing World, Ohio Staffing and Search Association 2011 Conference


Social Media for Staffing and Recruiting Sales Professionals:

10 ways to capitalize on your online networks

Social Media is not just the next big thing – its the right now big thing. Just as the car, phone, and email each revolutionized the sales profession, so too are social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This session will focus on 10 practical yet highly effective ways you can use social networking to effectively and dramatically increase your sales results.

Presented at: 2012 New England Association of Personnel Services Annual Conference, 2013 Mid Atlantic Staffing Association Kickoff Conference


Own Your Market – How to Become THE Staffing Provider of Choice

Why do some companies seem to have such a strong presence in a market, while others struggle for market share? Companies that “own” the market have two things in common – they are extremely effective networkers and they are experts in media relations. In this session you will learn how easy and inexpensive it is to master these two areas, and you too can Own Your Market!

This session will delve into different low and no cost ways to increase a staffing company’s marketing presence, including effective networking techniques, managing social media, working with the press, and building your personal brand. This topic is critical to staffing professionals because it can give them a competitive edge in their market with little to no investment. This topic would be classified under the business development learning area.

 Presented at: ASAPro Webinar Series, Ohio Staffing and Search Association 2010 Conference, New York Staffing Association 2012 Super Seminar Day, Capital Area Staffing Association Sales Workshop, Ohio Association of Executive Search Professionals, 2013 Mid Atlantic Staffing Association Kickoff Conference (Keynote)


Get out of the Commodity Rat Race: How to Build and Market a Killer Value Proposition

Staffing is a commodity! Ever heard someone say that? Of course you have – you might actually believe it yourself. And in many cases you would be right. Pricing pressure from clients and prospects, competitors undercutting your price, and technology such as Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and reverse auctions all have led to our industry facing margin erosion like never before. Why then do some companies in our industry continue to grow their business at significantly higher margins? Why do companies such as Target, Apple, and even Domino Sugar continue to thrive in “commoditized” industries?

In this session, we take a look at how the staffing industry has become commoditized and what you can do get out of the commodity rat race. You will learn how to separate yourself from the competition, how to negotiate from a position of strength, and how to create true demand for your service.

Presented at: 2012 Midwest Staffing Conference, 2012 New England Association of Personnel Services Annual Conference


Building a Winning Sales Structure for Your Firm

You might think all your staffing or recruiting firm needs is to hire the best salespeople, but your firm also needs to have strong, sound sales processes to succeed. Finding the right salesperson for your business should mean more clients and revenue for your company. Yet even the best salespeople will fail if their firm doesn’t have a sound sales structure and strategy that provides clear direction, specific goals, and appropriate incentives. In this session, Tom will show you how to develop and implement a sales structure that positions your sales representatives for success and your company to maximize your return on investment. Erb will share templates to help you track key metrics including sales activity, quotas, and conversion rates.

Presented at: ASAPro Webinar Series, 2012 Midwest Staffing Conference

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