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For companies looking for support in finding full-time, internal talent, we offer Recruitment Advisory Services. Attracting and retaining top internal talent is critical to your companies success.  Not only is it difficult to find talent with a tight labor market at 4% unemployment, it is increasingly difficult to retain your top performers.  According to a Work Institute survey, 40% of employees who quit did so within 12 months of being hired and half of those people quit within 90 days.

Why? The key to internal talent acquisition success is self reflection.  Your company was not a fit.  The position duties and expectations were not defined.  The compensation plan was not competitive.  The benefits were not comparable.  Career growth and development was not provided. It could be any or all of these things. We can help.

Attracting and retaining top internal talent is more than simply finding and hiring someone, it’s a wholistic approach.  This is why Tallann Resources offers a comprehensive talent strategy for your position, rather than a simple direct hire arrangement.

Our Recruitment Advisory Services include:

  • Defining the job duties and drafting a job description.
  • Advising on job expectations and goals.
  • Providing a compensation analysis and compensation plan for the position.
  • Defining an effective selection process.
  • Proactive sourcing of candidates.
  • Screening initial candidates for best fit.
  • Providing interview questions for each step in the selection process.
  • Conducting a PeopleBest assessment to review the fit of final candidates behaviors and characteristics.
  • 90-day access of 2 user seats for Tallann Resources online training portal (includes recruiting, sales, and manager training)
  • Providing an orientation schedule to onboard your new hire for success.

We assist with all levels of positions; including recruiters, sales reps, account managers, branch managers, and on-site managers, as well as director and executive-level. Our sourcing process targets passive candidates; we don’t post jobs on job boards. Sourcing is performed by experienced recruiters that are trained in Tallann Resources’ detailed process of how to effectively identify, engage, and attract qualified passive candidates.  Pricing is a flat consulting project fee for each position, rather than a percentage of first year compensation.

Value to Clients: Our Recruitment Advisory Services provide a greater success of attraction and retention of top candidates.  Our sourcing model is an effective way for our clients to gain access to a greater talent pool. Whereas job board posting targets unemployed and active job seekers (about 12-14% of the talent pool), our model targets semi-active and passive candidates, providing access to 75-80% of all candidates. Our wholistic approach results in attracting more qualified candidates and higher-quality hires.


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