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Facebook Fuel: Find prospects and candidates on Facebook

Price: $1,499

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Moore Essentials to help you find prospects and candidates from the 2 BILLION people on Facebook.  We have dozens of training sessions on staffing sales and recruiting, focusing mostly on sourcing through LinkedIn. Now the experts at Moore Essentials can show you how to source from Facebook!

When I saw their techniques, I was blown away.  We think that it is a fantastic compliment to our online training lineup to help you reach your staffing sales and recruiting goals.

Duration: 1 year…  12 lessons, 12 monthly LIVE Q&A sessions

Staffing Sales Accountability Made Easy

Price: $59.00

Managing your sales reps’ performance doesn’t have to be overly complicated, or a chore to administer. There are 4 keys to creating “easy” accountability for your staffing sales person and team:

  • Focus on just four sales metrics that best predict and drive performance
  • Provide goals that ensure results
  • Require your sales reps to “own” their performance
  • Create a structure that allows you to quickly and effectively manage performance and hold your team accountable

In this webinar, we will walk you through each of these four keys so that you can quickly implement and see dramatic improvements in your staffing firms’ sales performance.

This is a must-attend session for staffing owners, executives, and directors looking for improved sales results!

Duration:  60 min.

Secrets to Recruiting High Performing Internal Staff

Price: $59.00

Having trouble finding great internal talent? If so, you’re not alone. Most staffing firms struggle to recruit, select, and retain high-performing employees. And while there are a variety of reasons why internal staff hires underperform, it all starts with how we recruit and select employees. In this session, we’ll share with you a repeatable recruitment and selection process that is proven to significantly increase the quality of internal hires. Components of this session include:

  • Why great internal employees are so hard to find, and the key mistakes almost every staffing firm makes.
  • Where to find top talent, and how to effectively engage them.
  • How to attract top performers to your firm.
  • A structured selection process that considerably reduces your chances of a bad hire.

This is a must-attend session for anyone that plans on hiring new employees this year.

Duration: 60 min.

Discrimination Harassment Law and Prevention in Your Workplace

Price: $59.00

Discrimination and harassment prevention is strongly suggested training by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and a prudent practice for good employee relations. This training will provide you with an understanding of discrimination and harassment laws, including sexual harassment, and how to prevent harassment discrimination in your workplace. This training is specifically for owners, executives, managers, and supervisors.

This training includes a:

  • Review of Federal Discrimination Laws
  • Focus on Title VII
  • Understand Types Sexual Harassment
  • Discuss Who Is a Victim
  • Understand Other Harassment & Discrimination
  • Review Examples of Harassing & Discriminating Behavior
  • Emphasize Anti-retaliation
  • Reporting, Investigation, and Discipline
  • Liability
  • Employer Responsibility
  • Supervisor Responsibility

This training meets general federal guidance and training requirements for most states. This training does not meet requirements for California & Connecticut (requires 2 hours). Please understand your required laws and training requirements for your state and local jurisdictions before assuming you have met your legal requirements for such training.

Duration: 45 minutes

Cracking the Recruiter Code – Hiring Only A-players at Your Staffing Firm

Price: $59.00

This course provides the summary report (50 pgs.) of the survey findings along with a 50 minute webinar.

Finding, developing, and retaining the right people is a crucial and increasingly difficult task for today’s staffing firms. Your recruiters develop relationships, drive revenue, represent your company, and make thousands of small decisions that collectively add up to success. Your business excels when you have the best people.

Tallann Resources partnered with a national firm specializing in measuring people success – PeopleBest ( They helped us ‘crack the DNA’ of what makes a high-performing recruiter in the staffing industry. Using a web-based inventory tool, PeopleBest created a unique profile of winning attributes for staffing recruiters. By quantifiably identifying the key characteristics of a high-performing recruiter, you now have the blueprint for hiring only ‘A-Players’ into your company.

Duration: 50 min.

Effective Interviewing Techniques & Avoiding Legal Pitfalls

Price: $59.00

Session 1: Effective Interviewing Techniques – This session focuses on how to effectively conduct an interview to identify if a candidate is a strong prospective employee, while minimizing the risk of inappropriate or illegal questions. This session is an overview of the interview process; a great review for current recruiters, orientation training for new recruiters or others that may not be as familiar with the interview process. Session topics would include:

  • Creating a positive candidate experience
  • Cultural Fit vs. Technical Qualifications
  • How to identify potential red flags
  • Effective follow up questioning
  • Obtaining Referrals
  • Behavioral interviewing techniques

Session 2: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Hiring – Your staffing firm recruits and selects thousands of candidates each year. One legal misstep could cost you millions in fines and legal fees.  In this session we’ll review the major employment laws that impact hiring in the staffing industry while learning the rights and wrongs in:

  • Job postings
  • Applications
  • Interviews
  • Selection criteria

“But, I didn’t know” is not a defense. By the end of this session, you’ll know employment law in the staffing industry and how to hire right.

Duration: 98 min.

Intro to Internet Recruiting & LinkedIn for Recruiters

Price: $59.00

This course includes two sessions, Intro to Internet Recruiting and LinkedIn for Recruiters.

Intro to Internet Recruiting: This session is an introductory lesson for utilizing the internet as a prime recruiting source. Topics include:

  • General overview of internet recruiting
  • A run-through of the best social networking sites and the types of talent they attract
  • How to find niche job boards and association sites
  • The basics of Boolean Searches

This is a great introductory course for recruiters that are new to internet recruiting.

LinkedIn for Recruiters: If you are recruiting for any type of professional skill set, LinkedIn is where you need to spend the majority of your time. Over 300 million people are on LinkedIn, with over 80% accessing the site at least once a month. In this session, we dive deep into the ins and outs of maximizing the site for recruiting top talent. Topics include:

  • Building a strong network
  • Establish credibility through your profile
  • Leverage your LinkedIn network to reach candidates
  • Utilize groups and searches for recruiting

Duration: 67 min.


Proactive Recruiting

Price: $59.00

Are job boards not working any more? Are you struggling to attract talent that once was plentiful? This session delves into how you can create an effective sourcing strategy that focuses on targeted, proactive recruiting. You will learn a variety of creative recruiting techniques that will create a competitive advantage for you in your market, including how to use the internet as a prime recruiting source.

Duration: 70 min.

Moving the Sales Process Forward & Impactful Presentations

Price: $59.00

Session 1: Moving the Sales Process Forward – Now that you have the appointment scheduled, how do you move the sale forward? In this session, we discuss the process that all prospects go through when making buying decisions and how you can leverage that information to move them through the sales cycle faster.

Session 2: Impactful Presentations – So you’ve been asked by the prospect to make a presentation. What should you focus on? How should you conduct the presentation? What is your competition doing? In this session, we show you how to create and conduct a compelling presentation that separates you from the others.

Duration: 52 min.

Leveraging your Network for Faster Placements

Price: $59.00

Our industry is facing a major paradigm shift. No longer is the ability to find talent our value proposition. With the rise of LinkedIn and other social media and technologies, now practically every professional can be found by our clients. As highly sought after candidates become easier to identify and reach, they are being bombarded by internal and external recruiters. So while candidates are now easier to find, they are becoming increasingly harder to attract. That’s the shift in our role and how we must continue to justify the value of our service. This session will discuss how the needs of our clients are and will continue to evolve, and how you can effectively build and leverage your network to address these needs.

Duration: 44 min.

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