David Epstein

David Epstein – Director, PEI Staffing

“I reached out to Tom at Tallann Resources in need of some serious planning, advice and direction. Tom immediately hopped on a plane, spent two days listening, strategizing and executed a plan that one year later has more than doubled our revenue, diversified our client base, secured our first true on-site engagement and created a sales and marketing strategy that is guiding the growth of our company. We now have an action plan in place as well as the metrics necessary to monitor and adjust as necessary. I know we would not have had the successes of the last 18 months without Tom’s help. “


Larry Kidd – President and CEO, Reliable Staffing Services

“Tom’s vast industry knowledge has been invaluable; he has shown our staff best practices that have made us a stronger and more valuable organization.   Tom has truly been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services to any staffing firm.”


Thad Smith – Vice President, Specialty Staffing at The Callos Companies

“Tom’s expertise is a rarity in our business, as literally all of the highly successful sales personnel are employed by competitors. Tom brings a unique focus and proven results to his training, which was a benefit for all of us who attended.

Tom’s focus and direction are invaluable to the success of a sales rep in the staffing industry.”

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