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Welcome to our store!  We provide a wide range of resources for staffing and recruiting firms to effectively manage and grow their business. Looking for a comprehensive training program for your new recruiters, sales reps and managers? Need a detailed, consistent process for evaluating, selecting, and onboarding talent? Maybe you are looking for training on a specific topic, or even just a sample job description. We have all of that and more in our store.

The great news is that everything in our store has been made specifically for staffing and recruiting companies by experts in the industry. These are proven training, documents, and processes that have been used successfully in the real staffing and recruiting world!

So look around and see what resources can help you grow your business. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 614-372-5888 or


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Online Staffing Training Catalog

Tallann Resources offers a comprehensive library of training designed specifically for the staffing industry.


Each training session:

  • Is taught by one of our staffing industry experts
  • Includes the training presentation with audio
  • Contains checkpoint questions that ensure student comprehension and attention
  • Is built on a state of the art learning management system platform
  • Is self-paced
  • Is 100% guaranteed

Looking for enterprise pricing or customized training? Contact us at 614-372-5888 or to discuss a variety of options.


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Staffing Sales Management Modules

Finding, Attracting, Incenting, and Managing sales talent is not easy. In fact, most staffing leaders say they are among the most difficult tasks they perform. Many managers struggle to identify what they want in a sales rep, where to find them, how to properly incent them, and how to measure their performance.

That’s where we come in. With extensive sales management experience in the staffing industry, Tallann Resources has created the definitive sales management guide for staffing managers. We have assembled everything you need to know to create a high-performing sales team.

Our program is divided into three modules: Selection, Onboarding and Compensation, and Performance Management. Each module is web-based, includes a comprehensive handbook walking you step by step through the process, and customizable documents that make it easy for you to implement each step.

If you are looking for proven sales management processes specifically designed for the staffing industry, then this is the program for you!


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    • “Our team started the (Tallann Resources’) 10 week process 4-5 weeks ago with a select number of targets where communication had been a true challenge.  With this process, they have had more response and feedback than before.  At some of…

    • “We needed to hire two recruiters and two account managers. I felt like I should do the recruiting for those open reqs too, but after assessing my to-do list (which was long) and considering where I was best utilized, I…

    • “Tom Erb’s key note presentations were highly educational and knowledge based. He offered something for everyone to take-a-way and better yet, to be motivated to succeed. His ethics and strategies are remarkable and we can’t wait to have him back…

    • The Tallann Resources “…team were ideal partners. They worked with us to get to know the culture of our organization and to understand the skills and values we were looking for in new employees. They focused on finding the right…

    • “Tom Erb’s recent presentation to the Ohio Recruiters Association Columbus, “Thawing the Frozen Phone,” was excellent. The content was supported by interesting statistics, the slides were well done, and the delivery was superb. I feel that Tom’s speaking is on…

    • “Tom presented at our staff annual meeting on Its All Networking!  His presentation was not only timely but opened the eyes of many in the audience to the wide-reaching effects of the social networks and the remarkable changes in the…

    • “Tom spoke in front of the ISSA Midwest Conference and did a great job at captivating the audience.  His breakout session that followed was a great opportunity for us to get added feedback on his ideas and practices.  Tom did…

    • “I reached out to Tom at Tallann Resources in need of some serious planning, advice and direction. Tom immediately hopped on a plane, spent two days listening, strategizing and executed a plan that one year later has more than doubled…

    • “Tom’s vast industry knowledge has been invaluable; he has shown our staff best practices that have made us a stronger and more valuable organization.   Tom has truly been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services to…

    • “Tom’s expertise is a rarity in our business, as literally all of the highly successful sales personnel are employed by competitors. Tom brings a unique focus and proven results to his training, which was a benefit for all of us…

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