Staffing Sales Success DNA – Module 1: Selection

Written by admin on May 28, 2013

A comprehensive selection process specifically for hiring staffing sales professionals.
Module Includes:

  • Selection Handbook – A 32 page manual that walks you through each step in the process, as well as instructions on how to effectively use each form in the module
  • Day in the Life Form – Customizable document that allows you to create a typical day in the life of a sales rep for your company.
  • Ideal Sales Candidate Profile Form – This form is used to identify the must-haves versus nice-to-haves, creating a comprehensive profile of the ideal sales rep  you can use to objectively grade candidates.
  • Customizable, Staffing-Specific Sales Job Description – Detailed job description created specifically for staffing sales reps. Can be customized based on the requirements of the position and types of sales your reps will be responsible for.
  • Interview Feedback and Scorecard –  Form that allows you to objectively score candidates and share feedback between multiple interviewers
  • Interview Guides – Detailed customizable interview guide that provides questions based on hiring criteria such as problem solving, time management, and sales effectiveness
  • Sample Sales Assessment – A sample of the sales assessment referenced in the handbook

This is everything you need to effectively select top staffing sales professionals!
Note: This is a web-based product with all components available for immediate download and use.

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