Staffing Sales Training Package

Written by admin on July 17, 2013

A comprehensive training program specifically for sales reps in the staffing and recruiting industry. Combining our critical sales sessions into one package, this course takes the rep through everything they need to know to be successful in the industry. This is an ideal course to use for new employee training, or as a refresher course for existing sales reps that are looking to improve their skills and processes. This package is more than a $200 savings off the individual sessions.

Course Descriptions

Session 1: Welcome to the Staffing Industry! – An overview of our industry, including past and current statistics, the competitive landscape, vertical markets, common terminology, basic financials, and common sales challenges for staffing professionals.

Session 2: Get Out of the Commodity Rat Race – In this session, we take a look at how the staffing industry has become commoditized and what you can do get out of the commodity rat race. You will learn how to separate yourself from the competition, how to negotiate from a position of strength, and how to create true demand for your service.

Session 3: Own your Market: How to Become THE Staffing Company of Choice – Why do some companies seem to have such a strong presence in a market, while others struggle for market share? Companies that “own” the market have two things in common – they are extremely effective networkers and they are experts in media relations. In this session you will learn how easy and inexpensive it is to master these two areas, and you too can Own Your Market!

This session will delve into different low and no cost ways to increase a staffing company’s marketing presence, including effective networking techniques, managing social media, working with the press, and building your personal brand. This topic is critical to staffing professionals because it can give them a competitive edge in their market with little to no investment.

Session 4: Effective Prospecting – Prospecting is the foundation for the entire sales process. Without the right prospects, you can’t be successful. This session will teach you a repeatable process for identifying, targeting, and managing staffing and recruiting prospects.

Session 5: Getting the Appointment – This session walks through how to create a compelling phone message to separate yourself from the competition and secure the appointment.

Session 6: Moving the Sales Process Forward – Now that you have the appointment scheduled, how do you move the sale forward? In this session, we discuss the process that all prospects go through when making buying decisions and how you can leverage that information to move them through the sales cycle faster.

Session 7: Impactful Presentations – So you’ve been asked by the prospect to make a presentation. What should you focus on? How should you conduct the presentation? What is your competition doing? In this session, we show you how to create and conduct a compelling presentation that separates you from the others.

Session 8: Beyond Price: Negotiating Strategies for the Staffing Professional – Are you tired of always competing on price? Do your existing clients continue to pressure you to drop your “markup?” There are ways to negotiate both new and existing business without giving it away. In this session, Tom Erb and participants discuss the common pitfalls of negotiating in the staffing industry, how to position a company and its services before negotiating, and help identify points of negotiation other than price. Industry case studies will include negotiation success stories and how to create a successful outcome for both parties.

Session 9: Closing the Sale – You’ve gone through every stage in the sales process – now its time to close the deal. This session walks you through how to naturally move a prospect to a client. We don’t talk about “closing techniques”, just a simple but effective process for getting your prospects to say yes.

Session 10: Time Management – There never seems to be enough time when you are a sales professional. There’s always another call that can be made, another hot prospect to follow up with, proposals to create, and more networking events to attend. Yet the biggest difference between an average sales rep and an outstanding one is the ability to effectively manage their time. In this session, we explore some simple yet effective ways for you to get more out of your day and ultimately close more deals.

This session is full of simple, practical methods for getting the most out of your time and substantially increasing your sales. You will leave this session with a variety of techniques you can immediately implement in your daily routine and see significant results.

Session 11: Power Networking – Think you know how to network? Think again. The overwhelming majority of sales reps make key mistakes that limit the effectiveness of their networking efforts. In this session, we walk you through a comprehensive networking strategy that is specifically designed for staffing sales reps and has proven successful time and again in our industry.

Session 12: Social Networking for Staffing Sales – Social Media is not just the next big thing – it’s the right now big thing. Just as the car, phone, and email each revolutionized the sales profession, so too are social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This session is not a general overview – we show you specific ways staffing professionals can leverage social networking sites to reach prospects and close deals.

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