Get out of the Commodity Rat Race – How to Differentiate your Staffing Firm

Written by admin on June 2, 2013

Staffing is a commodity! Ever heard someone say that? Of course you have – you might actually believe it yourself. And in many cases you would be right. Pricing pressure from clients and prospects, competitors undercutting your price, and technology such as Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and reverse auctions all have led to our industry facing margin erosion like never before. Why then do some companies in our industry continue to grow their business at significantly higher margins? Why do companies such as Target, Apple, and even Domino Sugar continue to thrive in “commoditized” industries?

In this session, we take a look at how the staffing industry has become commoditized and what you can do get out of the commodity rat race. We provide specific strategies for you to differentiate yourself from the competition, with examples of real staffing firms that have successfully employed these strategies You will learn how to separate yourself from the competition, how to negotiate from a position of strength, and how to create true demand for your service.

Duration: 76 min.

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