Building a Winning Sales Structure for your Firm

Written by admin on June 2, 2013

You might think all your staffing or recruiting firm needs is to hire the best salespeople, but your firm also needs to have strong, sound sales processes to succeed. Finding the right salesperson for your business should mean more clients and revenue for your company. Yet even the best salespeople will fail if their firm doesn’t have a sound sales structure and strategy that provides clear direction, specific goals, and appropriate incentives. 

In this session, Tom will show you how to develop and implement a sales structure that positions your sales representatives for success and your company to maximize your return on investment. Session components include:

  • What to look for when recruiting and hiring a high-performing sales rep
  • How to create sales metrics that measure the right activities
  • How to establish a comp plan that incents the right behaviors
  • What ongoing training and coaching is best for shortening learning curves, reducing sales cycles, and maximizing sales rep performance
  • How to ensure that your new business is getting filled

This session also includes a weekly sales planner that can be used to help manage your sales reps activities.

Duration: 67 min.

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