High Yield Time Management for Staffing Sales

Written by admin on June 2, 2013

There never seems to be enough time when you are a sales professional. There’s always another call that can be made, another hot prospect to follow up with, proposals to create, and more networking events to attend. Yet the biggest difference between an average sales rep and an outstanding one is the ability to effectively manage their time. In this session, we explore some simple yet effective ways for you to get more out of your day and ultimately close more deals.

You will learn:

  • How top performers schedule their day
  • 7 simple ways to master your time and increase your productivity
  • Free and inexpensive tools that help you automate repeat activities
  • How to identify “high-yield” sales activities and eliminate ineffective ones

This session is full of simple, practical methods for getting the most out of your time and substantially increasing your sales. You will leave this presentation with a variety of techniques you can immediately implement in your daily routine and see significant results.

Session includes full online training course and four worksheets referenced in the training; Temporary Assignment History Form, Suspect/Prospect/Target list, Weekly Sales Planner, and Sales Goals Planning Worksheet.

Duration: 73 min.

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